Sick Notes

Get a Sick Note

It is not necessary to obtain a sick note from a Doctor unless you have been absent from work for more than one working week.

The First Working Week

For your first week of sickness you can self certify.  There is a form (SC2) you can collect from your own workplace or the receptionist at your local Doctors surgery. Complete the form and hand it to your employer. The form is called a Statutory Sick Pay Form or Employees Statement Of Sickness (form SC2).

After One Week

If you have been absent for more than one week you will require a sick note (fitness for work) from a doctor.
This can be done by making an appointment with your own doctor who can issue a certificate.

If it is a continuing problem, a telephone consultation from the Doctor who saw you previously for the condition may suffice.

If you have been in Hospital a sick note should be issued by the Hospital Doctor concerned.  If this has not been issued please contact the Secretary of the Consultant concerned.

Private Sick Notes

Sick notes (fitness for work) from the Doctor are normally free of charge. However, if you require a private sick note there is a charge of ¬£13.

Please note that your employer is legally obliged to accept an SC2 or fitness work work as appropriate (see above).