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Welcome to our advice and support page for people with learning disabilities.

How to make an appointment at the GP practice

Find us here:

St Bede’s Medical Centre

Lower Dundas Street, Sunderland,

Telephone us on:

 0191 567 5335

Email us at:

[email protected]

Our Website is:


Our Opening Times:

If you need an appointment at the GP practice we are open:

Monday 7:45am to 6:00pm

Tuesday 7:45am to 6:00pm

Wednesday 7:45am to 6:00pm

Thursday 7:45am to 6:00pm

Friday 7:45am to 6:00pm


Please call NHS 111


Please call NHS 111

When you contact us please tell us if you need any extra help or support.

For example:

You have a carer who will attend appointments with you.
You need extra time to help you understand information. You need information in easy read.

To book an appointment at the surgery

You can come into the surgery and talk to our reception staff. Reception staff can book an appointment for you.

To book an appointment by phone

Our phone number is:

0191 567 5335

The best time to phone for an appointment is 9:00am

You may find it helpful to have paper and pen to write down your appointment date and time. You can ask someone to help if needed.

To book an appointment online:

On the website you can request/book an appointment using Patient Access. To book an appointment through the website you need to register for online services, you can do this by bringing identification into the surgery and competing a form.

Once you are registered you book an appointment by logging in to Patient Access.

Your Appointment

We have different ways the GP can speak to you. The GP may phone you to check what the problem is and if you need to come to the surgery.

The GP may speak to you on a video call.

The GP may speak to you at the surgery

If you need help to book an appointment, please ask a friend or carer