Face Coverings

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Wearing of Face Coverings when attending St Bede Medical Centre

We provide primary health care services to our patients and as such our surgery must comply with Government guidance to ensure measures are in place to make the surgery Covid-secure.

We do this by providing our staff with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment and also ensuring our staff in non-clinical roles wear face masks. We also use social distancing measures, optimal hand hygiene, frequent surface decontamination, ventilation and other measures where appropriate.

A face mask is worn to prevent the spread of infection from the wearer.

The Government guidance is quite clear that face coverings must be worn in indoor settings (including GP surgeries and Hospitals) – This is the law.

However, we are mindful there may be some circumstances when patients may not be able to wear a face covering.

To support our patients who may be affected by this we will offer you the opportunity to wear and keep a visor you can use on your next visits or if available another area for you to sit in whilst waiting for your appointment.

As the majority of face to face consultations involve either an examination or tests to be undertaken, we will aim to keep any contact to a minimum so as not to put our staff at any further increased risk of spread of infection.